Additional Lists of Available Housing, an organization separate from the two newspapers’ classified ad section, often contains listings geared for larger, multi-unit, suburban rental properties in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. For those without access to the web, the classified ad sections of both major Twin Cities newspapers-the Minneapolis Star Tribune and/or the St. Paul Pioneer Press-are helpful, but not as extensive as the web listings.

Twin Cities Smoke-Free Housing
Live Smoke Free offers FREE assistance to renters looking for relief from secondhand smoke and to landlords who wish to adopt smoke-free policies for their apartment buildings. For more information and a list of smoke-free apartments in Minnesota, visit or call 651-646-3005.

Riverton Community Housing maintains four student housing co-ops located on the East and West Banks of the University of Minnesota. Housing is reasonably priced. Visit for rental information, or call (612) 331-3911.

Additional listings of available Twin Cities area housing

There are broader means available than William Mitchell's Housing Bulletin to search for housing in the Twin Cities area. For example, on the web, visit the Web site of St. Paul's major daily newspaper, Choose the geographic category within the Twin Cities that interests you. Those particularly interested in living around the area of William Mitchell in St. Paul should enter keywords as follows: cathedral, crocus, grand, highland, mac, grove, merriam, summit. Those keywords indicate neighborhoods within a 2-mile radius of William Mitchell: Cathedral Hill; Crocus Hill; Grand (Grand Avenue); Highland/Highland Park; Macalester-Groveland; Merriam Park; Ramsey Hill; Summit Hill.

For rental properties focusing on the Minneapolis (and suburbs) side of the metro area, visit the website:

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