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Volume 40, Issue 2: Legal Issues in a World of Electronic Data

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Tribute to the Honorable Rosalie E. Wahl

Fortieth Anniversary Tribute

Megan J. Hertzler, Foreword

David F. Herr and JoLynn M. Markison, E-Discovery Under the Minnesota Rules: Where We’ve Been, Where We Might Be Headed

Minnesota E-Discovery Working Group

Working Group 1, An Electronic Discovery Primer

Working Group 2, Using Legal Holds for Electronic Discovery

Working Group 3, IT Technologies and How to Preserve ESI Cost Effectively

Working Group 4, Preparation for Minnesota Federal and State Discovery Conferences: A Practical Approach

Working Group 5, Using Technology to Facilitate Production of E-Discovery


Roland L. Trope and Stephen J. Humes, Before Rolling Blackouts Begin: Briefing Boards on Cyber Attacks That Target and Degrade the Grid

Damien Riehl and Jumi Kassim, Is “Buying” Digital Content Just “Renting” for Life? Contemplating a Digital First-Sale Doctrine

Stephen T. Middlebrook and Sarah Jane Hughes, Regulating Cryptocurrencies in the United States: Current Issues and Future Directions

Nathan Newman, The Costs of Lost Privacy: Consumer Harm and Rising Economic Inequality in the Age of Google


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