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Volume 39: Issue 5

The 1963 Minnesota Criminal Code: Looking Back and Looking Forward

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The 1963 Minnesota Criminal Code Looking Back and Looking Forward

Bradford Colbert and Frances Kern, A Brief History of the Development of Minnesota’s Criminal Law

Ted Sampsell-Jones, Mens Rea in Minnesota and the Model Penal Code

Theodora Gaïtas and Emily Polachek, State v. Fleck: The Intentional Infliction of General Intent upon Minnesota’s Assault Statutes

Joshua Larson, Escape from the Twilight Zone: Minnesota’s Definitions of “Substantial Bodily Harm” and “Great Bodily Harm” Leave Too Much Room for Injustice, and They Can Be Improved

Benjamin J. Butler, The Exception That Swallowed the Rule: Fixing the Multiple-Victim Exception to Minnesota Statutes Section 609.035

Caroline Palmer and Bradley Prowant, Re-Thinking Minnesota’s Criminal Justice Response to Sexual Violence Using a Prevention Lens

Jana L. Kern, Trends in Teen Sex Are Changing, but Are Minnesota’s Romeo and Juliet Laws?

Jenna Yauch-Erickson, Minnesota’s Criminal Sexual Conduct Statutes: A Call for Change

Thomas G. Sinas, Texts, Lies, and Identity Theft: Prosecuting Complex Financial Fraud with Minnesota’s Racketeering Statute

Justice Paul H. Anderson, Closing Remarks: The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Minnesota Criminal Code: Looking Back and Looking Forward


Eric Janus, A Tribute to the Honorable Helen Meyer


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