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Volume 39: Issue 1

Legal Costs in Minnesota / Case Notes:
Recent Minnesota Supreme Court Decisions

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Legal Costs in Minnesota

Eric J. Magnuson, Foreword

Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea and Matt Tews, The Right to Simple Justice: The Primary First Principle

Patrick A. Mazorol, A Legislator’s Perspective on Civil Legal Services

Dan Gustafson, Karla Gluek, and Joe Bourne, Pro Se Litigation and the Costs of Access to Justice

Ron Elwood and Galen Robinson, The Defense of Justice Never Rests: Providing Civil Legal Services to Minnesotans with Low Incomes and Disabilities

Heather Rastorfer Vlieger, Daniel J. Brown, and Thomas Pryor, Doing More with Less: How the Loan Repayment Assistance Program of Minnesota Augments Federal Loan Repayment Assistance to Expand Legal Aid

Ann Juergens, Valuing Small Firm and Solo Law Practice: Models for Expanding Service to Middle-Income Clients

Gregory J. Myers, When the Small Business Litigant Cannot Afford to Lose (or Win): Litigation Consequences for Small Businesses, Strategies for Managing Costs, and Recommendations for Courts and Policymakers

Peggy Kubicz Hall, I’ve Looked at Fees from Both Sides Now: A Perspective on Market-Valued Pricing for Legal Services

Nicholas N. Nierengarten, Fee-Shifting: The Recovery of In-House Legal Fees

Case Notes: Recent Minnesota Supreme Court Decisions

Grant M. Borgen, Civil Procedure: The Civil Right to a Jury Trial and What It Means for Minnesota Creditors in Light of United Prairie Bank-Mountain Lake v. Haugen Nutrition & Equipment, LLC

Robert Cary, Torts: Playing the Blame Game: The Division of Fault Between Negligent Parties in Minnesota—Daly v. McFarland

Anna R. Light, Criminal Law: The Tension Between Finality and Accuracy: Double Jeopardy in Guilty Pleas—State v. Jeffries

Alex C. Sellke, Property: Eminent Domain and Restoring Access to Parcels Isolated by Highway Reconstruction: Finding the Public Use—State ex. rel. Commissioner of Transportation v. Kettleson

Sean Dillon Whatley, Contracts: Will Work for Promises: Wage Payments Do Not Reset the Statute of Limitations for Breaches of Policy in Employment Contracts––Park Nicollet Clinic v. Hamann


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