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Volume 38: Issue 5

National Security

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Tara McKelvey, Foreword

Part I: Five Questions on National Security Law


Responses to the Five Questions:

Dr. Steven Metz

A. Mark Weisburd

Jody M. Prescott

John Hursh

Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.

Harvey Rishikof and Bernard Horowitz

Norman Abrams

Part II: Articles

Lawrence Friedman and Victor Hansen, Secrecy, Transparency, and National Security

Sudha Setty, Judicial Formalism and the State Secrets Privilege

Laurie R. Blank, Targeted Strikes: The Consequences of Blurring the Armed Conflict and Self-Defense Justifications

Kent Roach, Uneasy Neighbors: Comparative American and Canadian Counter-Terrorism


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