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Volume 38: Issue 4

Incarceration in the United States: Issues in America's Jails and Prisons

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Hope Metcalf, Foreword: When Words Fail: Confronting the Carceral State

Margaret Colgate Love and Giovanna Shay, Gender & Sexuality in the ABA Standards on the Treatment of Prisoner

Peter Wagner, Breaking the Census: Redistricting in an Era of Mass Incarceration

Lynn S. Branham, Plowing in Hope: A Three-Part Framework for Incorporating Restorative Justice into Sentencing and Correctional Systems 

Ken Strutin, The Realignment of Incarcerative Punishment: Sentencing Reform and the Conditions of Confinement


Jacob E. McKnite, When Reasonable Care Is Unreasonable: Rethinking the Negligence Liability of Adults with Mental Retardation

Mike Chak Hin Tsoi, Raise It (Again?) or Waive It—Preserving Claims for Appellate Review When They Are Dismissed With Leave to Amend

Eric W.M. Bain, Another Missed Opportunity to Fix Discrimination in Discrimination Law

Meggen Lindsay, Tinker Goes to College: Why High School Free-Speech Standards Should Not Apply to Post-Secondary Students—Tatro v. University of Minnesota

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