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Volume 38: Issue 1

Contemporary Issues in Cyberlaw

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Greg Lastowka, Foreword: Paving the Path of Cyberlaw

Jonathon W. Penney, Internet Access Rights: A Brief History and Intellectual Origins

Joshua A.T. Fairfield, Nexus Crystals: Crystallizing Limits on Contractual Control of Virtual Worlds

Eric Goldman, Revisiting Search Engine Bias

Roland L. Trope and Sarah Jane Hughes, Red Skies in the Morning—Professional Ethics at the Dawn of Cloud Computing

Katheryn A. Andresen, Marketing through Social Networks: Business Considerations—From Brand to Privacy

Robert G. Larson and Paul A. Godfread, Bringing John Doe to Court: Procedural Issues in Unmasking Anonymous Internet Defendants

Sean L. Harrington, Collaborating with a Digital Forensics Expert: Ultimate Tag-team or Disastrous Duo?

Adam Pabarcus, Are "Private" Spaces on Social Networking Websites Truly Private? The Extension of Intrusion upon Seclusion



Carrie L. Weber, Civil Procedure: Forum Non Conveniens—Convenience or Conniving? Paulownia Plantations de Panama Corp. v. Rajamannan

Eric Matthew Johnson, Contracts: There Can Be No Mistake—A Call for the Reformation of the Minnesota Supreme Court's Recent Decision in SCI Minnesota Funeral Services, Inc. v. Washburn-McReavy Funeral Corp., 795 N.W.2d 855 (Minn. 2011)

Brittany E. Bachman, Criminal Law: Subjective Inquiry into a Defendant's State of Mind: Should Psychiatric Expert Testimony Be Allowed to Disprove Mens Rea?—State v. Anderson, 789 N.W.2d 227 (Minn. 2010)

Frances L. Kern, Property: Not Everything is Relative Anymore: A New Rule but Little Guidance in Airport Zoning Regulation Takings Claims—DeCook v. Rochester Int'l Airport Joint Zoning Bd.

Erica Holzer. Torts: Striking a Balance: Minnesota's Minority Stance on the Privilege to Defame—Zutz v. Nelson, 788 N.W.2d 58 (Minn. 2010)

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