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Volume 36: Issue 4

The Eighth Circuit

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The Eighth Circuit

Thomas H. Boyd

Diane B. Bratvold and Daniel J. Supalla
Standard of Proof to Establish Amount in Controversy When Defending Removal Under the Class Action Fairness Act

Kevin Decker, Jonathan Schmidt, and Christine Hinrichs
Off the Tracks: How a Train Accident Derailed Article III Power

Daniel R. Dinger
Is There a Seat for Miranda At Terry’s Table?: An Analysis of the Federal Circuit Court Split over the Need for Miranda Warnings During Coercive Terry Detentions

Haley N. Schaffer and David F. Herr
Why Guess?  Erie Guesses and the Eighth Circuit

Theodore P. “Jack” Metzler, Jr.
A Lively Debate: The Eighth Circuit and the Forum Defendant Rule

Kenneth L. Port
Eighth Circuit Trademark Opinions

Julie Swedback and Kelly Prettner
Discharge or No Discharge? An Overview of Eighth Circuit Jurisprudence in Student Loan Discharge Cases

Mary Vasaly
Men in Black: Gender Diversity and the Eighth Circuit Bench

20th Anniversary of the Report of the Minnesota Supreme Court Task Force for Gender Fairness in the Courts—Student Writing Competition Winner: Courtroom Environment Category

Danielle Sollars
Gender Balance in the Judiciary: Why Does it Matter?

Race and Education in Minnesota

Cindy Lavorato and Frank Spencer
Back to the Future with Race-Based Mandates: A Response to Missed Opportunity




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