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Volume 36: Issue 2

Indian Law

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Lenor A. Scheffler

Ann E. Tweedy
Sex Discrimination Under Tribal Law

Keith Richotte, Jr.
Legal Pluralism and Tribal Constitutions

Steven J. Gunn
The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act at Twenty: Reaching the Limits of Our National Consensus

Marren Sanders
Clean Water in Indian Country: The Risks (and Rewards) of Being Treated in the Same Manner as a State

Paul A. Banker and Christopher Grgurich
The Plains Commerce Bank Decision and its Further Narrowing of the Montana Exceptions as Applied to Tribal Court Jurisdiction over Non-Member Defendants

Scott A. Taylor
Taxation in Indian Country After Carcieri v. Salazar

Sarah Deer
Relocation Revisited: Sex Trafficking of Native Women in the United States

Dan Lewerenz and Padraic McCoy
The End of “Existing Indian Family” Jurisprudence: Holyfield At 20, In the Matter of A.J.S., and the Last Gasps of a Dying Doctrine

Dennis Puzz, Jr.
Untangling the Jurisdictional Web: Determining Indian Child Welfare Jurisdiction in the State of Wisconsin

Marcia A. Zug
Dangerous Gamble: Child Support, Casino Dividends, and the Fate of the Indian Family

Michael D. Oeser
Tribal Citizen Participation in State and National Politics: Welcome Wagon or Trojan Horse?

The Honorable Korey Wahwassuck, The Honorable John P. Smith, and The Honorable John R. Hawkinson
Building A Legacy Of Hope: Perspectives on Joint Tribal-State Jurisdiction




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