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Volume 36: Issue 1

Recent Developments in Minnesota Law and the William Mitchell Conference on Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Recent Developments in Minnesota Law

Mark Ireland
After the Storm: Asymmetrical Information, Game Theory, and an Examination of the “Minnesota Model” for National Regulation of Mortgage Brokers and Tomorrow’s Predatory Lenders

Michael Freiberg
“Anticipating an Evil Which May Never Exist”: Minnesota’s Anachronistic Identifying Mark Statute

James F. Hogg and Kyle R. Triggs
Finessing Well-Plead Derivative Lawsuits: The Implications of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Selection of Auerbach over Zapata

Andrea Niemi, John Jerabek, and Andrew Birkeland
The “Unnecessary” In-State Relocation Standard

William Mitchell Conference on Childhood Sexual Abuse

Phebe Saunders Haugen
Foreword to Articles Presented at the 2009 Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference

Eric S. Janus and Emily A. Polachek
A Crooked Picture: Re-Framing the Problem of Child Sexual Abuse

Timothy D. Lytton
Framing Clergy Sexual Abuse as an Institutional Failure: How Tort Litigation Influences Media Coverage

Victor I. Vieth
The Forensic Interviewer at Trial: Guidelines for the Admission and Scope of Expert Witness Testimony Concerning an Investigative Interview in a Case of Child Abuse

Kelly Clark
Institutional Child Sexual Abuse—Not Just a Catholic Thing

Recent Minnesota Supreme Court Decisions: Case Notes

Jessica Klander
Civil Procedure: Facebook Friend or Foe?: The Impact of Modern Communication on Historical Standards for Service of Process—Shamrock Development v. Smith

Scott Cody
Contracts: An Ambiguous Standard for Resolving Ambiguity in Insurance Contracts: The Continuing Uncertainty of Policy Interpretation in Minnesota—Carlson v. Allstate Insurance Co.

Zorislav R. Leyderman
Criminal Law: Minnesota Formally Adopts the Teague Retroactivity Standard for State Post-Conviction Proceedings—Danforth v. State

Kelly F. Hudick
Property: Lost At Sea: Does The Sixty-Day Rule Apply to County Subdivision Applications?–Calm Waters, LLC v. Kanabec County Board Of Commissioners

Maija Liisa Varda
Torts: Childproofing the Gate to Landowner Liability: How Judges Misuse the Concept of Foreseeability to Keep Cases from the Jury—Foss ex rel. Foss v. Kincade




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