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Volume 35: Issue 2

Assisted Reproductive Technology and the Law

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Mary Patricia Byrn

Joan Mahoney
Great Britain's National Health Service and Assisted Reproductive Technology

Susan B. Apel
Access Denied: Assisted Reproductive Technology Services and the Resurrection of Hill-Burton

Charles P. Kindregan, Jr.
Dead Dads: Thawing an Heir from the Freezer

Darra L. Hofman
"Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe:" A State-by-State Survey of Surrogacy Laws and Their Disparate Gender Impact

Theresa M. Erickson and Megan T. Erickson
What Happens to Embryos When a Marriage Dissolves? Embryo Disposition and Divorce

Elizabeth Swire Falker, Esq.
The Disposition of Cryopreserved Embryos: Why Embryo Adoption is an Inapposite Model for Application to Third-Party Assisted Reproduction



Mike Steenson and Joseph Michael Sayler
The Legacy of the 9/11 Fund and the Minnesota I-35W Bridge-Collapse Fund: Creating a Template for Compensating Victims of Future Mass-Tort Catastrophes



James D. Swendsen
Property: Double-Wide Refusal of First Amendment Principles: The Limits of Freedom of Expression in Manufactured Home Parks--All Parks Alliance for Change v. Uniprop Manufactured Housing Communities Income Fund

Jayce R. Lesniewski
Contracts: The War Against Words: When Contract Interpretation Impedes Judicial Goals--Lee v. Fresenius Medical Care, Inc.

Nathan D. Haynor
Criminal Law: Fly-by-Night Law Enforcement: The Minnesota Supreme Court Considers the Fourth Amendment as a Separate and Independent Basis of Suppression of Statutorily Invalid Nighttime Search in State v. Jackson

Wyatt Partridge
Civil Procedure: Reviving Mutuality: Restricting the Application of Defensive Collateral Estoppel in Minnesota DWI Proceedings--State v. Lemmer

Calista Menzhuber
Torts: In the Absence of Parents: Expanding Liability for Caretaker's Failure to Protect Minors from Third Party Harm--Bjerke v. Johnson




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