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Volume 34: Issue 2

Election Law

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Tim Penny and Kevin Featherly

David Schultz
Less than Fundamental: The Myth of Voter Fraud and the Coming of the Second Great Disenfranchisement

Chandler Davidson, Tanya Dunlap, Gale Kenny, and Benjamin Wise
Vote Caging as a Republican Ballot Security Technique

Peter K. Schalestock
Monitoring of Election Processes by Private Actors

Margaret G. Perl and Kimberly A. Demarchi
Direct Democracy and Indirect Regulation: The Brewing Conflict Between Federal Campaign Finance Law and State Ballot Measure Campaigns

Melanie D. Reed
Regulating Political Contributions by State Contractors: The First Amendment and State Pay-to-Play Legislation

Gary Goldsmith
Big Spenders in State Elections—Has Financial Participation by Indian Tribes Defined the Limits of Tribal Sovereign Immunity from Suit?

George W. Soule
The Threats of Partisanship to Minnesota's Judicial Elections

Christian M. Sande
Where Perception Meets Reality: The Elusive Goal of Impartial Election Oversight

Theodora D. Economou
Campaign Finance in Minnesota: Evaluating Minnesota's Ethics in Government Act






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