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Volume 33: Issue 1

Minnesota Progressive?

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Jack Russell Weinstein
On the Meaning of the Term Progressive: A Philosophical Investigation

Nadine Strossen
“Is Minnesota Progressive?” A Focus on Sexually Oriented Expression

Margaret Moore Jackson
A Half-Hearted Invitation: Welcoming Sexual Harassment in Minnesota

Prentiss Cox
Goliath Has the Slingshot: Public Benefit and Private Enforcement of Minnesota Consumer Protection Laws

Kristin Siegesmund and Leah Weaver
Minnesota Statutes Chapter 325N: A Model for Substantive Consumer Protection

Mike Steenson
The Character of the Minnesota Tort System

Douglas A. Hedin
A Citation History of Pine River State Bank v. Mettille: A Study of Common Law Change, Judicial Influence, and the Birth of a Discipline

Christina L. Clark and Harley M. Ogata
Are Minnesota Teacher Termination Procedures Progressive: How Much Process Is Due?

Lucinda Jesson
Reform on a Diet: America’s Healthiest State Weighs In

Aviva Breen
Progressive Minnesota? A Perspective on Women’s Issues in the Legislature

Elizabeth H. Schmiesing
The Minnesota Citizens’ Personal Protection Act: Reform or Advocacy?

Lawrence R. McDonough
Still Crazy After All These Years: Landlords and Tenants and the Law of Torts

Linda Mealey-Lohmann and Eduardo Wolle
Pockets of Innovation in Minnesota’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Journey

Ian Dobson
The Wrong Gameplan: Why the Minnesota Vikings’ Failure to Understand Minnesota’s Values Dooms Their Proposal for a New Stadium and How the Team Can Improve Its Future Chances


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