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Volume 32 Mission Statement

Volume 32 aspires to publish work produced by the most knowledgeable and experienced authors, from within and outside of the William Mitchell community. We will provide Minnesota practitioners with scholarship focusing on timely topics of local, regional, and national interest. Through the work we publish, we strive to advance the Law Review’s visibility and reputation at the College and in the greater legal community.

Volume 32 will also instill in our staff members a sense of purpose and pride in the publication. We will achieve this end by providing all staff members with a clear understanding of their role and the impact their work has on achieving the Law Review’s goals. Our efforts will be specially devoted to cultivating a challenging, enthusiastic, and enjoyable environment.

*Opinions expressed in the William Mitchell Law Review do not necessarily represent the views of the publication, its editors, William Mitchell College of Law, or any person connected therewith.