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Honorable Sam Hanson

Recent Decisions of the Minnesota Supreme Court

Barbara Tombs and Jeffrey R. Edblad
The Application of Blakely v. Washington in Minnesota: An Analysis of State v. Shattuck and State v. Houston

Rachel Bond and Theodora Gaitas
State v. Carter: The Minnesota Constitution Protects Against Random and Suspicionless Dog Sniffs of Storage Units

Paula Duggan Vraa and Steven M. Sitek
Public Policy Considerations for Exculpatory and Indemnification Clauses: Yang v. Voyagaire Houseboats, Inc.

Michael Steenson
Engler v. Illinois Farmers Insurance Co. and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

Margaret A. Mahoney and Mehmet K. Konar-Steenberg
Radke v. County of Freeborn: The Return of the Public Duty Rule?

Alicia M. Bartsh
Case Note: Civil Procedure—Swimming up the “Stream of Commerce”: Clarifying Minnesota’s Personal Jurisdiction Position After Asahi—Juelich v. Yamazaki Mazak Optonics Corp.

Joy Anderson
Case Note: Contracts—Looking for “Something”: Minnesota’s New Rule for Interpreting Anti-Assignment Clauses in Travertine Corp. v. Lexington-Silverwood

Katherine M. Conners
Case Note: Property—Cities Gone Wild: The Expanding Definition of a Taking Under Urban Renewal Projects—Johnson v. City of Minneapolis

Melanie Triplett
Case Note: Torts—Buzz Off! Expanding the Scope of a Landowner’s Duty to Honey Bees Flying Along the Fine Line of Trespassing in Anderson v. State Department of Natural Resources

Stephen W. Trask
Case Note: Criminal Law—Limiting Use of Post-Homicide Concealment of a Body as an Aggravating Factor in Criminal Sentencing—State v. Leja

Recent Decision of the Minnesota Court of Appeals

Cynthia R. Bartell and Heather H. Neubauer
Laska v. Anoka County: A Quest for Justice for an Infant Who Died of SIDS Resulting in Appellate Court Finding Day Care Helper Owes a Duty to Protect

Patent Cooperation Treaty

Jay Erstling and Isabelle Boutillon
The Patent Cooperation Treaty: At the Center of the International Patent

2006 Patent Cooperation Treaty Conference: Transcript of Proceedings

Book Review

Ngai Pindell
Community Economic Development Under Protest


Honorable Paul H. Anderson
A Tribute to Justice Esther M. Tomljanovich

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