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Volume 32: Issue 3

Celebrating 100 Years of Juvenile Court in Minnesota

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Honorable Paul H. Anderson
Foreword: Celebrating 100 Years of Juvenile Court in Minnesota

Minnesota Juvenile Courts: Principles of Excellence for the Next 100 Years

Wright S. Walling and Stacia Walling Driver
100 Years of Juvenile Court in Minnesota—A Historical Overview and

John M. Stuart and Amy K.R. Zaske
What Does a “Juvenile Adjudication” Mean in Minnesota? Some New Answers  After a Century of Change in Juvenile Court

Honorable John B. Van de North, Jr.
Problem-Solving Judges—Meddlers or Innovators?

James C. Backstrom and Gary L. Walker
The Role of the Prosecutor in Juvenile Justice: Advocacy in the Courtroom and Leadership in the Community

Gail Chang Bohr
Ethics and the Standards of Practice for the Representation of Children in Abuse and Neglect Proceedings

Marian E. Saksena
Out-of-Home Placements for Abused, Neglected, and Dependent Children in Minnesota: A Historical Perspective

Joel V. Oberstar, Elise M. Anderson, and Jonathan B. Jensen
Cognitive and Moral Development, Brain Development, Mental Illness:
and Important Considerations for the Juvenile Justice System

Lisa McNaughton
Extending Roper’s Reasoning to Minnesota’s Juvenile Justice System

Mindy F. Mitnick
Developmental Pathways: From Victim to Victimizer?

Janis F. Bremer
Essay: Juveniles Who Engage in Sexually Harming Behavior—A Restorative Justice System

Notes and Comments

D. Scott Aberson
Note: A Fifty-State Survey of Medical Monitoring and the Approach the Minnesota Supreme Court Should Take When Confronted with the Issue

Tania K. M. Lex
Case Note: Of Wine and War: The Fall of State Twenty-First Amendment Power at the Hands of the Dormant Commerce Clause—Granholm v. Heald

Kathleen K. Curtis
Comment: The Supreme Court’s Attack on Domestic Violence Legislation—Discretion, Entitlement, and Due Process in Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales

David Heim
Note: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t—Why Minnesota’s Prison-Based Sex Offender Treatment Program Violates the Right Against Self-Incrimination

Book Review

Dennis J. Ciancio
Reforming Corruption or Corrupting Reform? Wading Through the Murk of Educational Reform

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