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Volume 32: Issue 2

Constitutional Law

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Foreign and International Law in Gay Rights Litigation

William D. Araiza
Foreign and International Law in Constitutional Gay Rights Litigation: What Claims, What Use, and Whose Law?

Anthony S. Winer
A Speculation on Enlightenment Roots, Foreign Law, and Fundamental Rights

John Cerone
“Dangerous Dicta”: The Disposition of U.S. Courts Toward Recourse to International Standards in Gay Rights Adjudication

Lena Ayoub and Shin-Ming Wong
Separated and Unequal

Melissa Sheridan and Elvira Embser-Herbert
Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes: Is There a Role for Canadian Jurisprudence in Ending Discrimination in the U.S. Military?

Amy K.R. Zaske
Note: Love Knows No Borders—The Same-Sex Marriage Debate and Immigration Laws

Court Handling of Gay Rights Litigation

Kris Franklin
The “Authoritative Moment”: Exploring the Boundaries of Interpretation in the Recognition of Queer Families

Developments in Minnesota Law

Steven P. Aggergaard
Religion, Speech, and the Minnesota Constitution: State-Based Protections amid First Amendment Instabilities

Philip S. Garon, Michael A. Stanchfield, and John H. Matheson
Challenging Delaware’s Desirability as a Haven for Incorporation

Book Reviews

Scott Benson
How Can Allies Effectively Advocate for Gay Rights? The Answer Is Straightforward

Margaret A. Mahoney
A Movement Overlooked

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