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Volume 31 Mission Statement

Volume 31 aspires to be the preeminent source of Minnesota legal scholarship. We will honor and build upon the traditions and reputations of the William Mitchell College of Law, the legal profession, and prior law reviews. We will publish a critique of timely and controversial matters of local and national interest for Minnesota practitioners, scholars, and lawmakers. In addition, we will provide our members with opportunities to improve their legal skills, write a publishable article, and engage in social activities. Finally, we will increase the Law Review’s visibility and improve internal processes.

To accomplish these goals, we will maintain an uncompromised level of ethical conduct and a cooperative, enthusiastic environment. We will present the finest legal scholarship and bring diverse perspectives to the issues we address. We will perform efficient, accurate, and diligent work, and utilize the diverse experiences, talents, and legal skills of our members.


*Opinions expressed in the William Mitchell Law Review do not necessarily represent the views of the publication, its editors, William Mitchell College of Law, or any person connected therewith.