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Volume 31: Issue 3

Recent Developments in Health Care Law

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Tommy G. Thompson
Foreword: The State of America’s Health Care System

Kevin Goodno and Karen Janisch
Minnesota: Leading the Way on Canadian Prescription Medicine Importation

Leonard A. Nelson
Aetna v. Davila/CIGNA v. Calad: A Missed Opportunity

Gail Chang Bohr
For the Well-Being of Minnesota’s Foster Children: What Federal Legislation Requires

Cynthia A. Moyer
Off-Label Use and the Medical Negligence Standard Under Minnesota Law

Mark Hallberg and Teresa Fariss
Molloy v. Meier Extends Genetic Counseling Duty of Care to Biological McClain Parents and Establishes that Legal Damages Must Occur Before a Wrongful Conception Action Accrues for Statute of Limitations Purposes

Alex Kreit and Aaron Marcus
Raich, Health Care, and the Commerce Clause

James W. Marks and Jayme R. Matchinski
Conflicts Credentialing: Hospitals and the Use of Financial Considerations to Make Medical Staffing Decisions

Melissa C. Gregory
Note: Capping NonEconomic Damages in Medical Malpractice Suits Is Not the Panacea of the “Medical Liability Crisis”

Edward Weck
Note: Exclusive Licensing of DNA Diagnostics: Is There a Negative Effect on Quantity and Quality of Healthcare Delivery that Compels NIH Rulemaking?

James R. Blaufuss
Note: A Painful Catch-22: Why Tort Liability for Inadequate Pain Management Will Make for Bad Medicine

Recent Developments in Minnesota Law

Robin M. Wolpert
Preserving and Promoting Minnesota’s Recreational Trails: State v. Hess

Robert Schug
Case Note: Procuring a Different Cause: The Return of the Procuring Cause Doctrine As Applied to Minnesota Real Estate Commission Disputes in Rosenberg v. Heritage Renovations, LLC

The Role of Special Masters in the Judicial System

2004 Special Masters Conference: Transcript of Proceedings

Mark A. Fellows and Roger S. Haydock
Federal Court Special Masters: A Vital Resource in the Era of Complex Litigation

Lynn Jokela and David F. Herr
Special Masters in State Court Complex Litigation: An Available and Underused Case Management Tool

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