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Volume 31: Issue 1

Exempt Organizations Law

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J. Patrick Plunkett and Heidi Neff Christianson
The Quest for Cash: Exempt Organizations, Joint Ventures, Taxable Subsidiaries, and Unrelated Business Income

Elizabeth Kingsley and John Pomeranz
A Crash at the Crossroads: Tax and Campaign Finance Laws Collide in Regulation of Political Activities of Tax-Exempt Organizations

Ellen W. McVeigh and Eve R. Borenstein
The Changing Accountability Climate and Resulting Demands for Improved “Fiduciary Capacity” Affecting the World of Public Charities

Gina M. Torielli
Opining on the 501(C)(3) Tax-Free Bond Transaction: Avoiding Common Borrower’s Counsel Misconceptions

Charles A. Borek
Decoupling Tax Exemption for Charitable Organizations

Charles Nave
Charitable State Registration and the Dormant Commerce Clause

Leeanna Izuel and Leslie Y. Park
Tax-Exempt Organizations and Internet Commerce: The Application of the Royalty and Volunteer Exceptions to Unrelated Business Taxable Income

Christopher R. Sullivan
Note: Get the Balance Right: Finding an Equilibrium Between Charitable Solicitation, Fraud, and the First Amendment in Illinois ex rel. Madigan v. Telemarketing Associates, Inc., 538 U.S. 600 (2003)

Other Legal Issues

Christine Ver Ploeg
Terminating Public School Teachers for Cause Under Minnesota Law

Honorable Wilhelmina M. Wright
Brown’s Legacy: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Book Reviews

Corwin R. Kruse
Sin, Salvation, and the Law of Charities

Valerie M. Jensen
Unsung Hero: The Life of a Foot Soldier for Justice

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