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Volume 30: Issue 4

Corporate Governance and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

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Lyman P.Q. Johnson and Mark A. Sides
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Fiduciary Duties

Brett H. McDonnell
Corporate Constituency Statutes and Employee Governance

Franklin A. Gevurtz
Earnings Management and the Business Judgment Rule: An Essay on Recent Corporate Scandals

Stefania A. Di Trolio
Public Choice Theory, Federalism, and the Sunny Side to Blue-Sky Laws

Niels Schaumann
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: A Bird’s-Eye View


Daniel R. Karon
“Your Honor, Tear Down That Illinois Brick Wall!” The National Movement Toward Indirect Purchaser Antitrust Standing and Consumer Justice

George Lee Flint, Jr. and Marie Juliet Alfaro
Secured Transactions History: The First Chattel Mortgage Acts in the Anglo-American World

Michael K. Steenson
A Thirtieth Anniversary Tribute to the William Mitchell Law Review

Notes and Comments

Lewis J. Sundquist III
Comment: Proposal to Allow Shareholder Nomination of Corporate Directors: Overreaction in Times of Corporate Scandal

Mark Fellows
Note: A Business or a Trust?: Janssen v. Best & Flanagan and Judicial Review of For-Profit and Nonprofit Board of Director Decisions

Vicki McIntyre
Note: Nike v. Kasky: Leaving Corporate America Speechless

Book Reviews

Michael R. Kuhn
A History of the Corporate Entity’s Accession to Power

Kristopher Kehner
Crooked Business, Enron Style

Corwin R. Kruse
Divinest Sense or Starkest Madness: Defending Civil Liberties in a Post-September 11 World

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