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Volume 30: Issue 3

Miscellaneous Issues

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Ryan Wedlund
Citizen Soldiers Fighting Terrorism: Reservists’ Reemployment Rights

Michael K. Steenson
Joint and Several Liability in Minnesota: The 2003 Model

Travis J. Denneson
The Definitional Imbalance Between Copyright and the First Amendment

Notes and Comments

Chad Bayse
Comment: Pulling the Lilly from the Pond? Minneapolis Wades into Domestic Partner Benefits Legislation Once Again

Kathrine Kuhn Galle
Comment: The Appearance of Impropriety: Making Agreements to Arbitrate in Health Care Contracts More Palatable

Carl V. Nowlin
Note: Don’t Just Stand There, Help Me!: Broadening the Effect of Minnesota’s Good Samaritan Immunity Through Swenson v. Waseca Mutual Insurance Co.

Lynn Jokela
Comment: Electronic Discovery Disputes: Will the Eighth Circuit Courts Move Beyond Ad-hoc Decision Making?

William Mitchell Law Review Intellectual Property Writing Competition: Student Article Winner

Kevin Sandstrom
Note: How Much Do We Value Research and Development?: Broadening the Experimental Use Exemption to Patent Infringement in Light of Integra Lifesciences I, Ltd. v. Merck KgaA

Book Reviews

Steven Z. Kaplan
Why Death Is Different: Minnesota’s Experiment with Capital Punishment

Russell Pannier
Constitutional Interpretation: Just Politics or Fidelity to the Past?

J. Scott Johnson
The Emperor’s New Clothes: Cloaking and Disrobing the Supreme Court in Carrese’s The Cloaking of Power

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