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Volume 30: Issue 2

Recent Decisions of the Minnesota Supreme Court

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The Honorable Sam Hanson

Elizabeth M. Brama
Erlandson v. Kiffmeyer: Minnesota’s Absentee Voting Laws Following the Sudden Death of Incumbent Candidate Paul Wellstone

Kathryn A. Santelmann and Kara Rafferty
Juvenile Law Developments—“One Last Chance”: Applying Adult Standards to Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile Proceedings—State v. B.Y.

Luther A. Granquist
Unlawful Discrimination or a Necessity for a Fair Trial?: Exclusion of a Law Clerk with a Disability from the Courtroom During Jury Trial of a Personal Injury Case

Eric J. Moutz
Janssen v. Best & Flanagan: At Long Last, the Beginning of the End for the Auerbach Approach in Minnesota?

Piper Kenney Webb and Bruce H. Hanley
Criminal Law—Scarlet Letters: Traffic Stops Based on “Special” License
Plates Must Follow the Letter of the Constitution—State v. Henning

Robert A. McLeod
Illegitimate Children’s Rights in Probate Proceedings—In re Estate of James A. Palmer, Deceased

John M. Bjorkman
Minnesota and the American Rule: The Recoverability of Attorneys’ Fees Following In Re Silicone Implant Insurance Coverage Litigation

Robert E. Oliphant
Essay: Jurisdiction in Family Law Matters: The Minnesota Perspective

Christopher E. Celichowski and Michael T. Johnson
Essay: Recent Developments in Minnesota Dram Shop Law

Case Notes

Douglas L. Pfeifer
Civil Procedure—Court Inflexibility Puts Appellant in a Bad Position Regarding Attorney Mistake—In re Welfare of J.R., Jr.

Katherine J. Solon
Contracts—Beating Them at Their Own Game: The Business Risk Doctrine and the Broadening Coverage of Commercial General Liability Insurance—Thommes v. Milwaukee Insurance Co.

Marc M. Schifalacqua
Criminal Law—The Restraint of Common Sense, Not Violent Abusers: The Minnesota Supreme Court’s Misguided Analysis in State v. Colvin

Kirstin Kanski
Property Law—Minnesota’s Lake shore Property Owners Without Road Access Find Themselves up a Creek Without a Paddle—In Re Daniel for the Establishment of a Cartway

Christopher K. Iijima
Tort Law—The Motorist’s Guide to State Policy: Vehicle Owner Vicarious Liability Following Grants of Initial Permission—Christensen v. Milbank Insurance Co.

Book Reviews

Timothy W. Clark
Pressure of the Popular: Presidential Prestige and the High Court

Steven P. Aggergaard
Prior Restraint Is Nearer Than Readers Realize

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