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Volume 30: Issue 1

Essay Collection: Thirty Years of Clinical Legal Education at William Mitchell College of Law

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Douglas R. Heidenreich

Rosalie Wahl
Lest We Forget: Celebrating Thirty Years of Clinical Legal Education at William Mitchell College of Law

Ann Juergens
Rosalie Wahl’s Vision for Legal Education: Clinics at the Heart

Peter A. Joy
The Law School Clinic as a Model Ethical Law Office

Roger S. Haydock
Clinical Reflections: Looking Ahead Toward the Past

Nina W. Tarr
In Support of a Unitary Tenure System for Law Faculty: An Essay

Eric S. Janus
Clinical Teaching at William Mitchell College of Law: Values, Pedagogy, and Perspective

Angela McCaffrey
The Healing Presence of Clients in Law School

Peter B. Knapp
From the Clinic to the Classroom: Or What I Would Have Learned If I Had Been Paying More Attention to My Students and Their Clients

Julie E. Bennett and Sharon H. Fischlowitz
Risks and Rewards of Law Student Volunteer Service: A Supervisor’s


Michael K. Steenson
The Role of Primary Assumption of Risk in Civil Litigation in Minnesota

Alexandra B. Klass
The Expansion of Punitive Damages in Minnesota: Environmental Litigation After Jensen v. Walsh

Charles J. Reid, Jr.
The Creativity of the Common-Law Judge: The Jurisprudence of William Mitchell

Douglas A. Hedin
The Quicksands of Originalism: Interpreting Minnesota’s Constitutional Past

James S. Liebman
Towards a New Scholarship for Equal Justice

Sam Magavern
Legal Scholarship for Equal Justice: Summary of Panel Discussion

Lewis L. Maltby
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire: The Feasibility of Post-Dispute Employment Arbitration Agreements

Robert Neil Wilkey
Federal Whistleblower Protection: A Means to Enforcing Maximum-Hour Legislation for Medical Residents

Katherine A. Godden
Cartoon Criminals: The Unclear Future of Computer Animation in the Minnesota Criminal Courtroom—State v. Stewart

Book Reviews

Jeffrey D. Gram
Aiding the Iraq Debate?

Warren Ortland
Philosophy and Opinions

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