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Volume 29: Issue 4

Examining Our Approaches To Sex Offenders & The Law

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Eric S. Janus
Minnesota's Sex Offender Commitment Program: Would an Empirically-Based Prevention Policy Be More Effective?

John Kirwin
One Arrow in the Quiver―Using Civil Commitment as One Component of a State's Response to Sexual Violence

Anita Schlank and Rick Harry
The Treatment of the Civilly Committed Sex Offender in Minnesota: A Review of the Past Ten Years

Warren J. Maas
Erosion of Constitutional Rights in Commitment of Sex Offenders

C. Peter Erlinder
Essay: Of Rights Lost and Rights Found: The Coming Restoration of the Right to a Jury Trial in Minnesota Civil Commitment Proceedings

Wayne A. Logan
Jacob's Legacy: Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Laws, Practice, and Procedure in Minnesota

Janis F. Bremer
Essay: Juveniles, Rehabilitation, and Sex Offenses: Changing Laws and Changing Treatment

John M. Fabian
Kansas v. Hendricks, Crane and Beyond: "Mental Abnormality," and "Sexual Dangerousness": Volitional vs. Emotional Abnormality and the Debate Between Community Safety and Civil Liberties

Michael Finnegan
The Judicial Misapplication of the Minnesota Delayed Discovery Statute

Employment Law

Rebecca Pirius
"Seniority Rules": Disabled Employees' Rights Under The ADA Give Way to More Senior Employees―U.S. Airways, Inc. v. Barnett

Book Reviews

Anthony Winer
A Tale of Two Epochs and A Thread That May Still Run True

Corwin R. Kruse
The Taxman Cometh

Sara Grewing
A Hero's Legacy: Remembering Paul Wellstone

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