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Volume 29: Issue 1

Perspectives on Elder Law

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Stuart C. Bear
The Practice of Elder Law

Mike Hatch, Minnesota Attorney General
Great Expectations―Flawed Implementation: The Dilemma Surrounding Vulnerable Adult Protection

A. Frank Johns
Legal Ethics Applied to Initial Client-Lawyer Engagements in which Lawyers Develop Special Needs Pooled Trusts

Timothy L. Takacs and David L. McGuffey
Medicaid Planning: Can It Be Justified? Legal and Ethical Implications of Medicaid Planning.

Rochelle Bobroff
Judicial Deference to Federal Government Erodes Medicaid Protections for Elderly Spouses Impoverished by the High Costs of Nursing Home Care

Gregory J. Duncan
Home Sweet Home? Litigation Aspects to Minnesota's Descent of Homestead Statute

Terrie Lewis
Pain Management for the Elderly

Book Reviews

Todd Caldis
Is There a Constitutional Duty for Government to Assure Public Health?

Edward T. Matthews
John Dean's Latest Mea Culpa

Stephen H. Norton
Litigating the Presidency

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