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Volume 28: Issue 4

Business Law Symposium 

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Voting Lock-Ups and Sales of Partially Owned Subsidiaries: Can Stockholders Love a Deal Too Early and Too Much?
Michael A. Stanchfield

Scrap the Minnesota Business Corporation Act!
Bryn Vaaler

Telling the Truth Slant -- Defending Insider Trading Claims Against Legal and Financial Professionals
Terry Fleming

Dusting off Kimbell-Diamond: The Continued Viability of the Asset Acquisition Doctrine for Non-Corporate Purchasers
Don W. Bakke

Revised Article 9 of the U.C.C. and Minnesota Contracts for Deed
Larry M. Wertheim

"Apparent Servants" and Making Appearances Matter: A Critique of Bagot v. Airport & Airline Taxi Cab Corporation
Daniel S. Kleinberger
Peter Knapp

Fulfilling the Promise of Business Law Pro Bono
James L. Baillie

Case Notes and Comments

Originalism and the Commerce Clause: A Migratory Flight
Scott Moriarity

Don't Rock the Boat: Minnesota's Canon 5 Keeps Incumbents High and Dry While Voters Flounder in a Sea of Ignorance
Plymouth Nelson

Baby Steps: Minnesota Raises Certain Forms of Animal Cruelty to Felony Status
Corwin R. Kruse

Additional Student Works

Constitutional Law: The United States Supreme Court Hampers the Government’s Use of Warrantless Sense Enhancing Technology in Favor of Privacy Under the Fourth Amendment--Kyllo v. United States, 121 S.Ct. 2038 (2001)
Nicholas J. Heydt

Freedom from the Deprivation of Liberty: The Supreme Court Imposes Limitations on Indefinite Detention of Criminal Aliens--Zadvydas v. Davis, 121 S. Ct. 2491 (2001)
Molly Borg

The First Amendment: Protecting the Free Speech Rights of Religious Speakers While Avoiding an Establishment Clause Conflict
Nancy Helmer

Comment: A Little Bit of Legislation Helps the Medicine Go Down—State Prescription Drug Programs in the Era Following Pharm. Research and Mfrs. of Am. v. Concannon
Kyle R. Gustafson

Censorship of Legal Academic Scholarship: Clients and Previous Employers Who Cannot Handle the Truth
Aaron M. Vande Linde

. . .And Justice For All: Towards a Standard Approach for Resolving Faulty SPD Cases
Peggy D. Lin

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