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Volume 28: Issue 3

Intellectual Property in an Information-based Economy

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Abusing Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace: Patent Misuse Revisited
Eugene R. Quinn, Jr.

Copyright Infringement and Peer-To-Peer Technology
Niels Schaumann

Subjecting Rembrandt to the Rule of Law: Rule-Based Solutions for Determining the Patentability of Business Methods
R. Carl Moy

Trademark Monopolies in the Blue Nowhere
Kenneth L. Port

Sailing Uncharted Waters: Insurance Coverage for Intellectual Property Disputes Arising From the Internet
Keith A. Dotseth
Johanna J. Hillard

Privacy and Customer Relationship Management: Can They Peacefully Coexist?
Christopher K. Sandberg

Festo, Notice and the Application of Prosecution History Estoppel to Means-Plus-Function Claim Limitations
Scott G. Ulbrich

Protecting Intellectual Capital in Startups: a Guide for the Entrepreneurial Attorney in the New Economy
Eran Kahana

Case Notes: Recent Decisions of the Minnesota Supreme Court

Civil Procedure - the Unfortunate Elevation of Finality Over Validity - Bode v. Minn. Dep't of Natural Res.
Edward T. Matthews

Contracts - Ensuring Insurance Insures the Insured: The Minnesota Supreme Court Clarifies the Minnesota Standard Fire Insurance Policy - Nathe Bros., Inc. v. Am. Nat'l Fire Ins. Co.
Jonathan Schmidt

Criminal Law - Mens Rea Alive and Well: Limiting Public Welfare Offenses - In Re C.R.M.
Kelly A. Swanson

Property - Prescriptive Easements and a Change From Permissive to Hostile Use - Boldt v. Roth
Jeffrey Chelstrom

Torts - Taking the "I" Out of Suicide: The Minnesota Supreme Court's Alarming Extension of Duty in "Exceptional Relationships" - Sandborg v. Blue Earth County
Daniel W. Berglund

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