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Volume 28: Issue 2

A Minnesota Comparative Family Law Symposium

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The Honorable Kathleen A. Blatz

Reforming the System to Protect Children in High Conflict Custody Cases
Linda D. Elrod

Moving Toward a First-Best World: Minnesota's Position on Multiethnic Adoptions
Margaret F. Brinig

Statutes Creating Rebuttable Presumptions Against Custody to Batterers: How Effective Are they?
Nancy K. D. Lemon

Minnesota's Alternatives to Primary Caretaker Placements: Too Much Ofa Good Thing?
The Honorable Gary L. Crippen
Sheila M. Stuhlman 

Antenuptial Agreements
Judith T. Younger

Minnesota's Custody Relocation Doctrine: Is there a Need For Change?
Robert E. Oliphant

Race, Poverty, and Neglect
Andrea Charlow

Improving Child Support Guidelines in Minnesota: the "Shared Responsibility" Model For the Determination of Child Support
Jo Michelle Beld

The Elimination of Marital Fault in Awarding Spousal Support: The Minnesota Experience 
Larry R. Spain

Forces Changing Family Law in Minnesota
Len Biernat

Mandatory Divorce Education Classes: What Do the Parents Say?
Solveig Erickson
Nancy Ver Steegh 

Fifty Ways to Exploit Your Grandmother: The Status of Financial Abuse of the Elderly in Minnesota
Terrie Lewis

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