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Volume 27: Issue 4

Telecommunications in the 21st Century

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Jesse Ventura, Governor of the State of Minnesota

Technology Policy and Implementation-Minnesota Development Strategies
David Fisher, Commissioner

A Commentary on the State of Online Privacy and the Efficacy of Self-Regulation
Bill Luther, U.S. Representative

Liberating Our Digital Future: How the 1996 Telecommunications Act Definitions are Hobbling Change
Steve Kelley, State Senator

Wireless Communication Applications for Transportation: User Boon Or Booby Trap?
Frank Douma & Milda K. Hedblom

Oh Broadband Where Art Thou and Other Observations on Minnesota's Telecommunications Infrastructure as We Begin the Twenty-First Century
Donald W. Niles

The Regulation of Convergence Technologies: An Argument For Technologically Sensitive Regulation
John F. Gibbs & Todd G. Hartman

An Opinionated Analysis of the Radio Industry Including A Primer on Valuation of Radio Spectrum
Terrance W. Moore

Controlling Access To Commercial Users By Telecommunications Providers-The FCC's Failure to Separate the Market
Christopher K. Sandberg

Principles for Telecommunications Regulatory Reform Dennis Fazio

Articles: Other Rising Legal Issues

Fiduciary Duties In Negotiated Acquisitions: Questioning the Legal Requirement for "Outs"
Michael A. Stanchfield

RICO Conspiracy: Dismantles the Mexican Mafia & Disables Procedural Due Process
Yvette M. Mastin

Problems with Richard Posner's The Problematics of Moral and Legal Theory
Ryan Fortson

Challenging An Incredibility Finding On Appeal: An Incredibility Paradigm
Elaine C. Schneider

A Muckraker's Aftermath: The Jungle Of Meat-Packing Regulation After A Century
Roger Roots

ESSAY: Where Have All The Children Gone?: A Look at Incarcerated Youth in America
Cynthia M. Conward

Can A Rule Be Prophylactic and Yet Constitutional?
Richard H.W. Maloy

ESSAY: The Clinton Impeachment indicates A Presidential Impeachable Offense Is Only Limited By Constitutional Process And Congress' Political Compass Directive
L. Darnell Weeden

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