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Volume 27: Issue 3

E-Commerce and Privacy in the 21st Century

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Mike Hatch, Attorney General for the State of Minnesota

The Privatization Of Big Brother: Protecting Sensitive Personal Information From Commercial Interests In The 21st Century
Mike Hatch

The Privacy Paradox
Eric E. Jorstad

E-Commerce Privacy And The Black Hole of Cyberspace
Stephen R. Bergerson

Internet Regulation-Heavy Handed Or Light Touch Approach? A View From A European Union Perspective
Robert T.J. Bond

Application Of Personal Jurisdiction Principles To Electronic Commerce: A User's Guide
Joseph G. Schmitt & Peter Nikolai

Window Peeping in the Workplace: A Look into Employee Privacy in a Technological Era
Donald H. Nichols

Internet Privacy: Does The Use of "Cookies" Give Rise To A Private Cause Of Action For Invasion Of Privacy In Minnesota
Gregg M. Fishbein & Susan E. Ellingstad

The First Amendment On The Internet: Challenges In A New Media
Eric Paulsrud

Spam Remedies
Dianne Plunkett Latham

Internet Hi-jacking
Robert J. McGillivray & Steven Lieske

The Role Of Caesar In The Next Millennium? Taxation Of E-Commerce: An Overview And Analysis
W. Ray Williams

Antitrust Concerns In The B2B Marketplace: Are they “Bricks And Mortar” Solid Or A “Virtual” Haze?
Daniel Doda

Peer-to-Peer Distribution Systems: Will Napster, Gnutella, and Freenet Create A Copyright Nirvana Or Gehenna?
Damien Riehl

Cast Your Fulfill Your Civic Duty Over the Internet
Kristen E. Larson

The Discovery of Electronic Data in Litigation: What Practitioners and their Clients Need to Know
Devin Murphy

Student Articles: Other Rising Legal Issues

Sodomy Laws: The Government's Vehicle to Impose the Majority's Social Values
Aimee D. Dayhoff

The Exclusionary Rule: An Alternative Perspective
Michael T. Kafka

Land Use Planning-The Twin Cities Metropolitan Council: Novel Initiative, Futile Effort
Carrie Daniel

In the Interest of Justice: Granting Post-Conviction Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Testing to Inmates
Jennifer Boemer

The Fourth Amendment: The Privacy of Overhead Luggage Compartments on Commercial Buses
Jason W. Eldridge

Responding to the Issue of "Driving While Black": A Plan for Community Action Through Litigation and Legislation
Scott Moriarity

Constitutional Law-Scouting: Be Prepared Minnesota
Andre LaMere

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