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Volume 27: Issue 2

A Tribute to Our Faculty: Centennial Celebration Issue

This issue embraces the centennial spirit of William Mitchell College of Law and everyone who makes it a great place.

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Faculty Articles

President and Dean Harry J. Haynsworth

Civil Justice And Dispute Resolution In The 21st Century: Mediation And Arbitration Now And For The Future
Roger S. Haydock

Defamation Per Se: Defamation By Mistake?
Mike Steenson

Pay Equity In Interest Arbitration
Christine D. VerPloeg

Will Internet Driven Concord University Law School Revolutionize Traditional Law School Teaching?
Robert E. Oliphant

Essay: D'Amato, Kripke, And Legal Indeterminacy
Russell Pannier

Getting Serious About Miranda In Minnesota: Criminal And Civil Sanctions For Violating The Right To Counsel
Peter Erlinder

Time And Money: One State's Regulations Of Check-Based Loans
Deborah A. Schmedemann

The Other Shoe Drops: Minnesota Rejects Daubert
Peter B. Knapp

Why The "New Non-Delegation" May Not Be So New
Anthony S. Winer

Right To Punitive Damages In Minnesota In The Absence Of A Personal Injury
Michael L. Weiner

How Exclusive Is The Exclusivity Provision Of The Minnesota Human Rights Act?
Richard Ross

Living Trusts: Snake Oil Or Better Than Sliced Bread?
Dennis M. Patrick

A Practical Guide: On Emerging Issues In Insurance Policy Language
Paul R. Rambow

Essay: The Looming Subsidized Housing Crisis
Kristin A. Siegesmund

What Are The Limitations To An Attorney-In-Fact's Power To Gift And To Change A Dispositive (Estate) Plan?
Robert McLeod

Essay: Working To Improve: A Plan Of Action For Improving The Bar Exam Pass Rate
Richard Cabrera

Distinguished Visiting Scholars

Essay: Professional Values In The Practice Of Law
Robert MacCrate

Essay: The Pro Bono Responsibilities of Lawyers and Law Students
Deborah L. Rhode

Short Story: Free Enterprise Heaven; Ethics Hell
Lawrence J. Fox

Case Analyses: Recent Decisions of the Minnesota Supreme Court

Civil Procedure-The Minnesota Supreme Court Inserts A Greater Degree Of Judicial Efficiency Into Multi-Party Litigation
Bernard E. Nodzon, Jr.

Contracts-Applying The Plain Language To Incontestability Clauses
Erin Wessling

Criminal Constitutional Law-Any Means To An End: Bail, The Constitution, And The Liberty Interest
Steven Scott

Criminal Law-Expanding The Open Bottle Law To A Strict Liability Offense
Daryl Henchen

Employment Law-Allowing Compensability Of Suicide Under Minnesota's Workers' Compensation Statute Julie L. Boehmke

Property Law: To Merge Or Not To Merge: Determining The Scope Of Mortgage-The Mortgage Exception To The Merger Doctrine
Sarah Stolpman

Torts-Social Host Duty To Protect Guests: No Need For The Imposition Of A Duty To Protect
Jason Asmus

Torts-Complicity As A Comparative Fault In Minnesota: The Essence Of a Doctrine Is Lost
Heidi A.O. Fisher

Torts-Medical Malpractice: The Legislature's Attempt To Prevent Cases Without Merit Denies Valid Claims
Jason Leo

Torts-Official Immunity Survives For IIED Police Misconduct: But Should It?
Susan T. Peterson

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