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Volume 27: Issue 1

Products Liability in the 21st Century  

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The Products Liability Restatement In The Courts: An Initial Assessment
James A. Henderson, Jr., Aaron D. Twerski

Modern Post-Sale Warnings And Related Obligations
M. Stuart Madden

The Future of Products Liability in America
Gary Wilson, Vincent Moccio and Daniel O'Fallon

Product Liability In Europe: Politics, Reform And Reality
Christopher J S Hodges

Current Trends And Future Directions In Product Liability Legislation And Litigation In Australia
Jocelyn Kellam, Bettina Arste

Product Liability In Canada: Principles And Practice North Of The Border
David S. Morritt, Sonia L. Bjorkquist

The Present and Future of Product Liability Dispute Resolution in Japan
Luke Nottage

Tort Reform Past, Present and Future: Solving Old Problems and Dealing with “New Style” Litigation
Victor E. Schwartz, Mark A. Behrens, Leah Lorber

Drug and Device Litigation in the 21st Century
Linda S. Svitak, Peter J. Goss

Products Liability And Intellectual Property Licensors
Melissa Evans Buss

The Wave Of The Future: Product Liability Prevention Programs For Manufacturers
Randall Goodden

Post-Sale Duty To Warn: A Critical Cause Of Action
Kenneth Ross

Sales and Advertising: Keeping The Promises We Make
Andrea J. Nordaune, Esq.

Product Safety Labeling: Harmonization Of U.S. International Standards Is On The Horizon
By Geoffrey Peckham

Federal Preemption Of State Products Liability Actions
Scott A. Smith, Duana Grage

Economic Loss Doctrine
Cortney Sylvester

Warning! Failure To Read This Article May Behazardous To Your Failure To Warn Defense
Hildy Bowbeer, Wendy F. Lumish, and Jeffrey A. Cohen

Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Steering the Trial Court Through a Post‑Kumho Tire Evaluation of Expert Testimony
Sarah Brew

Protecting Rule 23 Class Members from Unfair Class Action Settlements: The Supreme Court's Amchem and Ortiz Decisions
Jennifer Dinham Henderson

Medical Monitoring: A Viable Remedy For Deserving Plaintiffs Or Tort Law's Most Expensive Consolation Prize?
Arvin Maskin, Konrad L. Cailteux and Joanne M. McLaren

The "Ten Myths" Of Product Liability
Kevin Reynolds, Richard J. Kirschman

Subsequent Remedial Measures 2000 And Beyond
C. Paul Carver, Esq.

The Use of Document Depositories and the Internet in Large Scale and Multi-Jurisdictional Products Liability Litigation
Paul Diseth

The Existence of a Duty to Warn: A Question for the Court or the Jury?
George W. Flynn and John J. Laravuso

Discovery of Regulatory Information For Use in Private Products Liability Litigation: Getting Past the Road Blocks
David P. Graham and Jacqueline M. Moen

Spoliation of Evidence: will the new millennium see a further expansion of sanctions for the improper destruction of evidence?
Laurie Kindel, Kai Richter

Through The Mists: Adr And Product Liability Claims In The Twenty-First Century
Michael A. Landrum

Solly Robins And The Development Of Products Liability Law In Minnesota
Leo F. Feeney and John Eisberg

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