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Volume 32: Issue 1

Psychology and the Law/Mental Health Law

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Amy Klobuchar and Hilary Lindell Caligiuri
Protecting the Innocent/Convicting the Guilty: Hennepin County’s Pilot  Project in Blind Sequential Eyewitness Identification

Alayna Jehle and Monica K. Miller
Controversy in the Courtroom: Implications of Allowing Jurors to Question Witnesses

Livia L. Gilstrap, Kristina Fritz, Amanda Torres, and Annika Melinder
Child Witnesses: Common Ground and Controversies in the Scientific Community

John Matthew Fabian
The Risky Business of Conducting Risk Assessments for Those Already Civilly Committed as Sexually Violent Predators

Karna Halverson
Voluntary Admission and Treatment of Incompetent Persons with a Mental Illness

Geneva Brown
When the Bough Breaks: Traumatic Paralysis—An Affirmative Defense for Battered Mothers

Cristie L. March
The Conflicted Treatment of Postpartum Psychosis Under Criminal Law

Meera Adya and Brian H. Bornstein
Genetic Information and Discrimination in Employment: A Psycho-Legal Perspective

Roberta Opheim and Michael L. Woods
Essay: Are We Failing Our Children and Their Families? Children’s Mental Health and the Misuse of the CHIPS Process

James E. Tysse
Note: The Right to an “Imperfect” Trial—Amnesia, Malingering, and Competency to Stand Trial

Joyce Kosak
Comment: Mental Health Treatment and Mistreatment in Prisons

Book Review

Luis Rosell
Sex Offenders: Pariahs of the 21st Century?—Preventing Sexual Violence: How Society Should Cope With Sex Offenders


Ann L. Iijima
The Jurisprudence of Justice Esther Tomljanovich: Balancing the Scales of Justice

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