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Volume 40, Issue 1

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Fortieth Anniversary Tribute


Colette Routel, Minnesota Bounties on Dakota Men During the U.S.-Dakota War

Sherry A. Enzler and Jean Coleman, Wetlands and Drainage After Rapanos: A "Series of Unfortunate Events"

Kimball Foster, Certificates of Possessory Title: A Sensible Addition to Minnesota's Successful Torrens System

Kathryn Albergotti and Sascha Yim, He Said She Said: Parol Evidence of Fraud Is Admissible to Prove the Invalidity of a Contract—Riverisland Cold Storage, Inc. v. Fresno-Madera Production Credit Ass'n

Susan Haigh, The Metropolitan Council

Case Notes: Recent Minnesota Supreme Court Decisions

Peter D. Kieselbach, Torts: An Alternative Approach to Glorvigen v. Cirrus Design Corp.

Zach Cronen, Criminal Law: Behind Closed Doors: Expanding the Triviality Doctrine to Intentional Closures—State v. Brown

Nadja Baer, Contracts: Setting a Conditional Precedent: Appraisal as a Condition Precedent to Litigation—Quade v. Secura Insurance

Christopher L. Mishek, Constitutional Law: Procedural Due Process on "Doggie Death Row": Using Unreviewable Warning Notices as Predicates to Deprive Property—Sawh v. City of Lino Lakes

Maria T. Cisneros, Property: Your Omnipotent Neighbor: A Statutory Definition of "Owner" and Its Impact on Property Rights—City of Brainerd v. Brainerd Investments Partnership


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