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Our adjunct faculty members include judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and lawyers with prestigious law firms and corporations. Our curriculum is enriched with their expertise and practical wisdom. They teach courses ranging from specialized electives such as Intellectual Property Law to our required Writing & Representation series (WRAP).

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Peter F. Barry '96
Barry & Helwig, LLC

Marylee Abrams '84
Abrams and Schmidt

Hon. Pamela Alexander
Minnesota District Court - 4th District

Hon. Ann L. Alton
Fourth Judicial District Court

Robert Ambrose '09
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Willow Anderson '02
Anderson Law Firm

Creig Andreasen '04
Target Corporation, Real Estate Division

Julie Ralston Aoki
William Mitchell College of Law

Alison Crawford Archer '02
Xcel Energy

Neal Axton
Warren E. Burger Library, William Mitchell College of Law

Emily Babcock ’10 '10
Attorney At Law

John M. Baker
Greene Espel

James A. Baker, Ph.D. '03

Dawn Bakst '00
Ramsey County Attorney´s Office

Jim Ballentine '90
Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben

Hon. Mike Baxter '91
Le Sueur County District Court

Barbara A Becker
University of Minnesota Student Legal Services

Louise Behrendt '89
Stich, Angell, Kreidler & Dodge

Roger F. Behrens
State of Minnesota

Janelle Beitz
William Mitchell College of Law, Warren E. Burger Law Library

Ingrid Bjorklund '05
Midwest Reliability Organization

Dale Bjorkman
Kagan Binder

David E. Bland '79
Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi

D. Douglas Blanke
William Mitchell College of Law, Public Health Law Center

Jeanette Boerner
Hennepin County Public Defenders’ Office

Rachel Bond
State of Minnesota Public Defender’s Office

Jean Boos
William Mitchell College of Law, Warren E. Burger Law Library

J. Virgil Bradley '11
Cornerstone Family Law

James C. Brand
Fredrikson & Byron

Peter Brehm '97
Peter C. Brehm & Associates

Glenn Bruder
Mitchell Bruder & Johnson

Mary Budge '96
Budge Law Offices

Jerry A. Burg
Heltzer & Burg

Benjamin Butler
State of Minnesota Public Defender´s Office

David Camarotto ’00 '00
Bassford Remele

Miles Camp
Attorney at Law

Bruce P. Candlin
St. Paul Travelers

Miriam I. Cardozo
Attorney at Law

Jodie L. Carlson '91
State of Minnesota Public Defender´s Office

Dianna Case

Stephen P. Charbonnet
Soffer Charbonnet Law Group

Marta Chou
Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi

Emily Chow
Faegre Baker Daniels

Carl Christensen ’05 '05
Christensen Law Office PLLC

Link Christin
Heightened Performance

Charlie F. Clippert '94
Public Defender´s Office, Second Judicial Di

Scott Cody, Ph.D. '11
Tarshish Cody

David W. Cohoes '76
Hennepin County Public Defenders’ Office

Daniel J. Cole, Jr.
Briggs and Morgan

Thomas F. Coleman ’84 '84
Cousineau McGuire Chartered

Michael Connelly
Xcel Energy Services

Timothy C. Cook '84
Hammargren & Meyer

Emily Cooper
Cooper & Reid

Martin J. Costello
Hughes & Costello

Stephen Creasey
Lappa, Libra, Thomson, Stoebner & Pusch

William A. Cumming
Hessian & McKasy

William E. Dane
University Student Legal Services

K.M. Davis '03
Davis Law Office

David Dean
Briggs & Morgan

Michael A. Dees '93
United States Attorney´s Office

Rita DeMeules
Minnesota Attorney General´s Office

Christine C. DeMoss ’90 '90
DeMoss Law Office

John (Jack) DeWalt
Walling, Berg & Debele

C. David Dietz '75
Ramsey County Attorneys Office

Kristine F. Dorrain ’03 '03
National Arbitration Forum

William Drinane '80
Hanson Lulic & Krall

Jon R. Duckstad '62
Attorney at Law

Walter Duffy, Jr. '70
Faegre & Benson

Tara Reese Duginske '08
Canadian Pacific Railroad

Caroline Durham
Assistant Federal Defender

Paula J. Duthoy '90
Attorney at Law

Stephen Erickson
Erickson Mediation

Tim Eschweiler '03
Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly

Raymond W. Faricy, III '99
Lindquist & Vennum

Suzanne Feely '00
Best Buy

Mary Gillen Fenske
North Hennepin Community College

Sharon Fischlowitz '96
University of Minnesota Institute for Advanced Study

William Fisher
Gray Plant Mooty

Kristine Foudray '98
Hamre, Schumann, Mueller & Larson

Melissa Fraser
Hennepin County Public Defender´s Office

Iris Freeman
Advocacy Strategy

Mike Freiberg '05
William Mitchell College of Law, Public Health Law Center

Tarell Friedley '85
Tarell A. Friedley P.A.

Michael Furnstahl
Hennepin County Attorney´s Office

Theodora Gaitas
Minnesota Public Defender´s Office

Patrick J. Gallagher '99
Fulbright & Jaworski

Hon. Kathleen R. Gearin
The Juvenile and Family Justice Center

Jon Geffen '97
Minnesota Attorney General´s Office

Jill Gerber
Ramsey County Attorney

Cynthia Gilbertson
Attorney at Law

Allison Gonzalez
Crocus Hill Law Office

Timothy Grathwol '06
Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner

Sara Grewing '03
Attorney at Law

Kathryn Grosdidier
Attorney at Law

Lori Guzman '98
Guzman Law Firm

Laura Hage '98
Hage Law Office

Hon. Jill Flaskamp Halbrooks ’85 '85
Minnesota Court of Appeals

Mark A. Hallberg '79
Hallberg & McClain

Toni L. Halleen
The General Counsel

Thomas Hamlin
Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi

Craig Hanson
Gray Plant & Mooty

JaPaul Harris
Mid-Minnesota Legal Assistance

Duchess Harris, Ph.D. '11
Macalester College

Farhan Hassan '98
Clausen & Hassan

Jeffrey Hassan
Jeffrey A. Hassan

Michelle Hatcher '98
Hennepin County Attorney’s Office

Adam W. Heaton
Heaton & Associates

Douglas Heeschen '06
Attorney At Law

Terry Hegna
Attorney at Law

Ann Heiny
Attorney at Law

John Hennen
League of Minnesota Cities

Susan Herlofsky '94
Hennepin County Attorney’s Office

David Herr '78
Maslon, Edelman, Borman & Brand

Robert W. Herr
Attorney at Law

Beverly Jones Heydinger
Public Utilities Commission

DeAnne Hilgers '00
Lindquist & Vennum

Debra J. Hilstrom '10
Minnesota House of Representatives

Chad Hintz '01
Burke and Thomas

Greg Holly '78
McGuigan and Holly

Sharon Horozaniecki
Flynn Gaskins & Bennett

Sonya Huesman
William Mitchell College of Law, Warren E. Burger Law Library

Helen Mary Hughesdon '89
Attorney at Law

Karen Irvin, Ph.D.
Minnesota Mediation & Counseling Center

Connie Iversen
Second Judicial District Public Defender´s O

Imani Jaafar-Mohammad '04
Attorney at Law

Sharon Jacks
Minnesota State Public Defender´s Office

Josh Jacobson
Law Office of Josh Jacobson

Michelle Jacobson
Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office

Valerie Jensen '96
Twin Cities Diversity in Practice

Jonathan B. Jensen, M.D.
University of Minnesota Medical School

John Jerabek '94
Tuft, Lach & Jerabek

Kate Johansen '09
Minnesota Department of Human Services

Eric G. Johnson
District Attorney for St. Croix County, Wis.

Heidi Johnson
Attorney at Law

Hon. Gregg Johnson
Ramsey County District Court

Ryan Johnson
Fredrikson & Byron

Lynn Jokela '05
Fredrikson & Byron

Julie Jonas
Innocence Project of Minnesota

Katrina Joseph
Hughes and Costello

Roger Junnila '93
Attorney at Law

Patti Jurkovich '96
Clise, Billion & Cyr

Kevin Kaiser '08
Lindquist & Vennum

Hon. Fred Karasov '83
Hennepin County District Court

Justin Kaufman '04
Minnesota Department of Administration

Ellen Kennedy
World Without Genocide

Rita R. Kenyon '93
Concordia University

Pomy Ketema
Dorsey & Whitney

Thomas P. Kieselbach
Cousineau McGuire Chartered

T. Michael Kilbury '84
Peterson, Logren & Kilbury

Orin Kipp '09
Wilford, Geske & Cook

Peggy Kirkpatrick
Attorney At Law

Brett Klein '07
Winthrop and Weinstine

William Klein
Gray Plant Mooty

John M. Koneck
Fredrikson & Byron

David J. Koob
Caplan & Tamburino

Alan Kowalchyk
Merchant & Gould

Michael Krauss
Faegre & Benson

Susan Prohofsky Krelitz '90
Intellectual Property Institute

Anh Le Kremer '01
Holstein Kremer

Terri Krivosha
Maslon, Edelman, Borman & Brand

Corwin Kruse '04
Katz Manka Teplinsky Graves & Sobol

Peggy Kubicz Hall
Greene Espel

Robert Kuhns
Dorsey & Whitney

Justin Kwong '09
Attorney at Law

Susan Lach
Tuft & Lach

Janine Laird
Minnesota Justice Foundation

Linda Kay Langham
Attorney at Law

Mark Larsen
Lindquist & Vennum

Eric Larson '91
St. Paul City Attorney´s Office Civil Litig

Kristen Larson '02
US Bank

Thaddeus R. Lightfoot
Dorsey & Whitney

Steven B. Liss
Minneapolis Public Schools

Terry Louie
Department of Homeland Security

Karen Lundquist ’06 '06
Attenza Law

Deb Mackay
Attorney at Law

Eric Magnuson '76
Briggs & Morgan

Maggie Mahoney '01
William Mitchell College of Law, Public Health Law Center

Brian Mak

Carl Malmquist, M.D.
University of Minnesota

Lindsay M. Mancini '07
Woods and Thompson

Hon. Margaret M. Marrinan
Second Judicial District

Sara L. Martin
Minnesota State Public Defenders Office

Edward Matthews '03
Attorney at Law

Cynthia L. McCollum
Public Defender´s Office, Hennepin County

Jessica S. McConaughey
St. Paul City Attorneys Office

Paul McEllistrem '94
McEllistrem, Fargione, Landy, Rorvig & Eken

Catherine Ann McEnroe '91
Attorney at Law

Patrick McGuiness '06
Zlimen & McGuiness

Hon. Anne McKeig
Hennepin County District Court

Marilyn S. McKnight
Erickson Mediation Institute

Mark McNeil
Lindquist & Vennum

Catherine (Kate) McPherson '94
Anoka County Attorney´s Office

Linda M. Mealey-Lohmann
Mealey-Lohmann Mediation

Mark Metz '97
Carver County District Attorney´s Office

Lynn M. Meyer '92
Thompson, Coe, Cousins & Irons

Renee Michalow '96
Michalow Law Office, PLLC

Cathryn Y. Middlebrook
Minnesota State Public Defender´s Office

Peter G. Mikhail
Kennedy & Graven

David Miller '83
Ramsey County Attorney´s Office

Michael B. Miller
Hennepin County Attorney´s Office

Nancy Miller-Levin
Attorney at Law

Jaclyn Millner '09
Liberty Mutual

Hassan Mohamud '02
Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis

Marcus A. Mollison
Lindquist & Vennum

Erika R. Mozangue '93
U.S. Attorney´s Office

Andrew B. Murphy
Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand

David P. Murrin
Assistant Public Defender

Jeffrey Muszynski '10
Reding & Pilney

Gregory Myers
Lockridge Grindal Nauen

Lisa Needham
Seiler and Associates

Hon. Barbara L. Neilson
Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings

Hon. Jan Craig Nelson
9th Judicial District Child Support Magistrate

Timothy Nelson
Nelson Personal Injury Attorneys

Deb Newel
Thomsen & Nybeck

Andrea Niemi '79
Andrea Niemi Dispute Resolution LLC

Nancy Norman Sommers
Anoka County Attorney´s Office

Denise Norton
Attorney at Law

Michael T. Norton '78
Kennedy & Graven, Chartered

Tamara O’Black '11
O’Black LLC

Mark S. Olson
Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly

David Ornstein
Attorney at Law

Ned E. Ostenso '94
Merrigan Brandt & Ostenso

Marlin Osthus
National Labor Relations Board

Dennis M. Patrick
Thomsen & Nybeck

James H. Patterson
Patterson Thuente Christensen Pedersen

Doug Peterson
Leonard Street & Deinard

Jeffrey A. Peterson
Gray Plant Mooty

Jeffrey R. Peterson
Commercial Partners Exchange Company

Larry J. Peterson '75
Peterson, Logren & Kilbury

Ronald B. Peterson
Halleland Lewis Nilan & Johnson

Spiwe Pierce
Blackwell Burke

Mark Priore '04
Priore Law Offices

Marjorie Rapp '97
Bridgeport Family Law Center

Dean E. Raths
Attorney at Law

Courtney Reid
Woodbury Financial

Tracy Reid
Cooper and Reid

Gregory J. Reigel '92
Reigel & Associates

Sara Reisdorf '05
Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

Steven L. Reitenour '92
Bowman and Brooke

Susan Rhode
Moss and Barnett

John Riemer
Minnesota Public Defense Board

Peter W. Riley
Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben

Keith Rinta '96
Rinta Law Office

Emily Robertson '11
Robertson Law Office

Galen D. Robinson
Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis

Robert Roche
Minnesota Attorney General´s Office

Lawrence Rocheford
Jardine Logan & O´Brien

Hon. Michael J. Roith '77
Tenth Judicial District (retired)

Ken Ross
Bowman & Brooke

Randall Ryder
The Ryder Law Firm

Hassan M. Saffouri '96
Attorney at Law

Amy M. Salmela
Patterson Thuente Pedersen

Sheva Sanders
Leonard, Street & Deinard

Malinda Schmiechen '05
Aust Schmiechen

Nan Schwappach
Just Mediation

Mary Senkbeil '02
Regis Corporation

Shira Shapiro '09
Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi

Jessica D. Sherman Manivasager
Fredrikson & Byron

Steve Silton '95
Cozen O’Connor

Hon. Randall J. Slieter
Eighth Judicial District Court

Steven Snyder
Steven H. Snyder & Associates

Andrew Sorenson

Eldon J. Spencer
Leonard O´Brien Wilford Spencer & Gale

Pamela Marie Spera
Attorney at Law

Hon. Terri Stoneburner
Minnesota Court of Appeals

Jon Strauss
Flynn Gaskins & Bennett

Erica G. Strohl
Attorney At Law

Greg Suckow '06
Regis Corporation

Daniel Supalla '06
Briggs & Morgan

Gerald D Swarsensky
Attorney at Law

Robert Tennant
Stringer & Rohleder

Hon. Mary Theisen '84
Scott County District Court

Elizabeth A. Thompson
Attorney at Law

Linda Thompson
Attorney at Law

Madge Thorsen
The Law Offices of Madge S. Thorsen

Becky R Thorson '95
Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi

Hon. Judith M. Tilsen
Second Judicial District Court

Eric Tostrud '90
Lockridge Grindal & Nauen

Anne S. Tretinyak '95
Attorney at Law

Thomas F. Van Horn
Attorney at Law

Dan Van Loh '99
Deckert & Van Loh

Brian L. Vander Pol
U.S. Bank

Mark R. Vargo '97
Glenn Rehbein Companies

Mark Vavreck '01
Martineau, Gonko & Vavreck

Michael Vraa

Sarah Walter
Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office

Chang Wang
Thomson Reuters

Steven C. Wang
Attorney at Law

Michael Waterman
Mudge Porter Lundeen & Seguin

Shawn Webb '04
Minnesota Office of the Public Defender, Trial Team

Michael L. Weiner '81
Yeager Jungbauer & Barczak

Valerie Werness
Legal Research Center

Hon. Mark S. Wernick
Fourth Judicial District (Hennepin County)

Karen Westwood
William Mitchell College of Law, Warren E. Burger Law Library

Raymond A. Wood '86
Wood Law Office

Elizabeth I. Wrobel
Wrobel & Smith

Professor Feridun Yenisey
Bahcesehir University Faculty of Law, Istanbul

Aaron Young
Young Entertainment Law

Robert Zeglovitch
The Law Office of Robert Zeglovitch

Lynn Zentner
University of Minnesota Office of Institutional Compliance

David Zoss
Internal Revenue Service Office of Chief Counsel

Patricia Zurlo '00
Attorney at Law

Sally Zusman
William Mitchell College of Law, Academic Achievement

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