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About William Mitchell

In the 110 years since Mitchell was founded, many notable legal professionals, including U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, have graduated from William Mitchell. The college’s beautiful campus is home to a diverse student body, 40 full-time internationally recognized scholars and professors, and more than 100 lawyers and judges who teach part time.
College classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and the Warren E. Burger Library, staffed by more than 20 librarians, is among the most comprehensive legal libraries in the region.

The Summer Institute on American Law at William Mitchell is designed to introduce foreign practitioners and law students to the American legal system. Through hands-on, interactive classes, participants will learn and practice fundamental lawyering skills, legal English, negotiation and dispute resolution, and conduct a mock trial.

Key features of the program:

  1. Learn about the American legal system
  1. Practice and improve legal English skills
  1. Build critical lawyering skills, including negotiation and courtroom advocacy skills (in English)
  1. Visit American courtrooms, law offices, prisons and other important legal institutions
  1. Have a rewarding experience in the United States and meet American law students and lawyers
  1. Receive a certificate at the conclusion of the program

The Summer Institute is a three-week program held every July at William Mitchell's campus in St. Paul, Minnesota USA. For more information on the program, see Program Overview [link to "Program Overview"].

William Mitchell's Summer Institute is provided in collaboration with Bahçesehir University from Istanbul, Turkey.